Virtual Party Packages

Our Virtual Party Packages are a unique, safe and perfect way for your child to celebrate their birthday in the comfort of their home.

  • Zoom Party

    Cost: £40

    Invite up to 98 families to join this 35minute live online party.

    They include:

    • A character of your choice

    • A welcome chat

    • Party dances

    • Games

    • A themed quiz or magic show (you choose) 

    • Time to sing Happy Birthday

  • Virtual Visit

    Cost: £25

    This live 20 minute video chat for your little

    one with one of their favourite characters is perfect for bedtimes, birthdays or just for a special treat! 

    They include:

    • A character of your choice 

    • A welcome chat

    • A story

    • ​A song performed live

    • A little bit of magic 

    • A recording of the video chat to watch again and again

  • Magic Message

    Cost: £10

    Why not get your child's favourite character to send them a 6-minute pre-recorded message for their birthday, to announce something special or give some words of encouragement and praise?

    Each video includes:

    • A character of your choice

    • A tailored greeting song

    • A message to your child with personalised detail about them

    • A performance of a song

    • Final personalised message

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Please note: Dependant on your location, you may be charged an additional cost to cover travel. Please view 'Book a Party' page for more information about this.

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