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Vicky and Francesca

Team Cornwall


Ellie and Amelia

Team Devon

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Company owner/ Entertainer 

(Cornwall Team Leader)

"I started Just 4 Kids Parties in 2006, having worked at Kents Cavern as Children's Entertainment Manager for 2 years previously. I then travelled to Los Angeles and worked for both Silly Sally's Entertainment and Giggles and Hugs running children's entertainment for 2 years. On returning to Devon in 2008, I used my experience to improve and build Just 4 Kids Parties within the Torbay area.

Due to my love for the performing arts, I worked as a teacher at Stagecoach Theatre Arts in 2008 (where I had attended as a student for many years before).

I then studied a Foundation Degree in Performance Arts and Events Management in 2010 and in 2015, I moved to Cornwall to complete my 3rd year of my degree in Creative Events Management, eventually training to be a primary school teacher.

During this time, I began to expand Just 4 Kids into Cornwall, performing and entertaining at local events and kids' parties. Alongside parties, I now work full time as a primary school teacher. I cannot wait for the pandemic will end so parties can resume as I am missing it so much."

Fun facts: Vicky collects Disney DVDs- she now has 44 of the Disney Classics in her collection. She loves Belle from Beauty and the Beast and has even played her on stage twice in amateur productions of the musical in 1998 and 2010.




(Cornwall Team Member)

"I joined Just 4 Kids Parties' Cornwall team in August 2020., having worked with Vicky as her Teaching Assistant at a primary school. I was so excited when she asked me to join the team, as I love working with children and knew that it would be a great experience.

When I completed my degree in Biological Science, I knew that I would love to be a teacher and am currently a training to be a secondary school science teacher- I just love doing experiments.


When I joined Just 4 Kids Parties, the pandemic was well underway, so I am hoping to entertain at more parties in the very near future once we are allowed to."

Fun facts: Francesca's favourite Disney princess in Rapunzel (and Pascal) from Tangled (her favourite Disney movie, along with Moana and Frozen). She is also a Furry Godmother to a cockapoo called Nellie and has two rabbits. 





(Devon Team Leader)

"I have been working for Just 4 Kids since 2014 and host the parties in the Torbay and Devon area. I had hosted some parties with a different company previously and because of this experience, I contacted Vicky to join Just 4 Kids Parties as a party assistant and the rest is history!


Having attended Stagecoach Theatre Arts as a child, I gained a love for the performing arts. In 2015, when Vicky moved to Cornwall, I became the Early Stages teacher, where I teach children aged 4-7 years to sing, dance and act at Stagecoach Theatre Arts.

I absolutely love working with children and recently completed my degree in Early Years Education, which I have used within my current job of working with vulnerable young people.


When I can fit it in, I also work as a children's activities assistant Kents Cavern, running things such as a children's prehistoric dig and performing as Cavog the Caveman.

I am very excited to run the entertainment across Devon, for Just 4 Kids Parties. I am hoping that the pandemic ends so I can host parties again in 2021- it's been way too long. I cannot wait to see you and your little one at their party!"

Fun facts: Ellie loves Ariel out of all of the Disney princesses. She can also speak a bit of German.




(Devon Team Member)

"I have been working for Just 4 Kids Parties, helping to host the Devon Parties, since 2016. 

I attended Stagecoach Theatre Arts as a student for many years and now I teach performing arts to ages 4-7 year olds at Stagecoach. I just love working with children.

I am currently studying a Drama BA- after I complete my degree, I would love to be an actor who trains student doctors to talk to patients with empathy.


I really hope that this pandemic will end so I can start doing parties again in 2021."

Fun facts: Amelia's favourite Disney character is Rapunzel in Tangled! She also has a dog called Buzz Lightyear and is hopefully getting another dog soon and wants to call him Woody!