Covid-19 Policy

Good news! The UK Government have updated restrictions, which allow us to resume parties with precautions to ensure safety. We’re following the guidelines 'Protective measures for out-of-school settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak' as they are our closest match.

Important: 'Endeavouring to keep these groups at least partially separate and minimising contacts between children will still offer public health benefits as it reduces the network of possible direct transmission.'

Below are the steps we have taken, which outline the protective measures we have in place, based on the UK's latest guidelines, to reduce the health and safety risks (these are subject to change):

  • 10 children max at indoor parties within a hall/ 6 children max if held indoors at a house- to ensure each child can remain at least 1 metre+ away from others. However, we insist on following the 2 metre rule where at all possible;

  • 15 children max at outdoor parties;

  • Your entertainer will ensure to clean hands on arrival, and sanitise hands during and at the end of the party.

  • Your entertainer will follow the 2 metre rule (where possible) from party guests (e.g., no hugs, minimal contact) and will mark off an area for them to reinforce this. They will also remind children to stay away from and not touch other children and adults throughout the party; 

  • Your entertainer will bring sanitiser spray and a clean cloth to ensure that any surfaces used by them are cleaned thoroughly before and after use- the party organiser, not the entertainer, is responsible for cleaning the toilets, dinner table, door handles and other surfaces at the party venue.

  • Where possible, occupied room windows should be open;

  • Your entertainer will sit all children down facing forward, at a minimum of 1 metre apart, at the start of the party to outline the child-friendly rules for health to follow at the party;

  • Your entertainer will remind/encourage children to wash hands regularly and for at least 20 seconds at the following times: on arrival; before and after eating any party food; at the end of the party;

  • Children must use the toilets/bathrooms one at a time to avoid crowding;

  • To reduce the spread of germs when someone coughs or sneezes, children are asked to cover their mouth and nose with a tissue (or sleeve (not your hands) if there is no tissue) and throw the tissue in a bin immediately, then wash hands;

  • Games and activities will be adapted to avoid passing around objects amongst children and prevent contact between party guests;

  • No face painting, parachute games or group singing activities;

  • Prizes will be handed directly to the winner of a game by the entertainer- children can no longer look through box to choose their prize. Any balloon models made will be named and given directly to the child at the end of the party to avoid sharing;

  • Music will be played at a quieter level to make sure everyone does not need to use raised voices to communicate;

  • To minimise contact between people, we insist that only one parent drops off and picks up their child/children;

  • The party organiser, not the entertainer, will be responsible for ensuring contact details of party guests are collected and held to meet NHS Test & Trace guidelines.

  • Apart from the birthday child's adults, parents/guardians of the guests are kindly asked not to stay at the party to limit the amount of people present. If this is not possible, adults must stay at least 2 metres away from all attendees.

  • Your entertainer will be very happy to have photos with the birthday child and their guests, one at a time, but will avoid having a group photo.  We will follow the guidelines which state that adults in particular, should avoid close face to face contact and minimise time spent within 1 metre of anyone to support distancing where possible.  When having a photo, your entertainer will hold one end of a balloon of approx. 1m in length to help reinforce the distance- the child will stand at other end.

  • In the case of a local/nationwide lock down, there are 3 options that we offer: 

    • You can cancel your booking, however, you will lose your deposit;

    • You are able to postpone the party, to be held on an alternative date (subject to availability);

    • You can have a 20-minute Virtual Party (using Zoom) and invite all of your original guests to join at no additional charge on top of your booking.

Any confirmed case of COVID-19 among your parties guests within 2 weeks of the party date must be reported to us immediately.

We are continuing to monitor Government updates and will lift restrictions as we are allowed.


If you’d still like to bring some magic to your event but don’t wish to do so in person, please check out our Virtual Visits, Virtual Parties or Video Messages.

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